Today I spent most of the day reading.  I have piles of laundry that need folding & washing & folding some more, and dishes in the sink calling to me.  Can you hear them?  {wash me Susannah, WASH ME!} oh dear I think they’re yelling!!! Instead of tending to those important duties, I spent time learning more about my family.  In 2004 my Grandma Jones compiled a book of family history.  More than a book filled with just names and dates, it includes stories- some I’ve heard, other were new to me.  Quite a bit of my ancestors emigrated to America from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  Since moving to England, I felt a small tug to do more family history.  I wasn’t sure what to do because my G & G Jones and my G & G Christensen did A LOT of genealogy work.  Reading the stories has brought these people to life.  I want to visit the places where they lived.  One great, great, great grandmother was disowned for choosing to marry the one she loved.  Her family viewed this man as someone who was “below her station.”  It must have taken great courage to follow her heart.

I’m grateful that my grandmother took the time to record and compile this book.  My dad is a great journal keeper, me not so much.  I’m certain he learned that from watching his mother.  The names and dates and other information in this book couldn’t have come from any other source than her journals.  I learned things about my grandparents that surprised me.  They weren’t afraid to try new things to improve their family life.  Some adventures didn’t work out, and others worked to strengthen the family.   With all the quirks, I’m grateful for my family and wouldn’t trade them for anything.