Some friends of ours invited us to spend a few days in Wales.  We stayed in a little place run by the Royal Navy in the heart of Snowdonia National Park.  It’s for Royal Military families and Allied Forces.  It was more like a hostel with bunks for everyone, and was perfect for the hiking and exploring we got to do.  NorthernWales is breath-takingly beautiful.  

I don’t know about you, but often times I feel like I need a vacation after the vacation.  The stress of making sure the kids are behaving while sight-seeing just does me in.  Being out in nature and seeing and exploring was the BEST vacation we’ve had as a family.  My kids wanted to do more- go higher and further every day.  My sneakers were left at home, so I only had some flip-flops for shoes.  Not the best hiking shoes, but luckily I brought my Chacos and not my Clarks.

The day we arrived, we hiked the mountain directly behind us. We didn’t go too far up since we got their just after 2pm.  Under the rocks and boulders you could hear the water making its way down the mountain.  The Brothers went searching for it’s source with Husband.  They were thrilled when they found it.

Day two had us in Fairy Glen and Betws y Coed, a quaint village in the heart of Snowdonia.  Husband and Brother 1 had a rock skipping competition.  The Brother won by a landslide.  He’d been dying to learn how to skip rocks.  During our trip to Scotland, we explained in detail the science behind rock skipping.  Once he understood that, it all came together.  The most number of skips that I counted was 12.  The Glen was beautiful and serene.  I’m amazed by the creations around us just waiting for us to find them.


Our final day we went to the beach near Bangor.  By the time we filled up with petrol and found a toilet, it started to rain.  Big fat drops of cold rain came pummeling down.  So much for our day at the beach.  We headed back to the cars and the rain stopped.  So we decided to go down to thewater.  Another family caught 62 crabs off the pier and let them go when it began to rain.  We happend upon them and the kids loved seeing and catching the crabs.  Sister was scared to touch them because she thought they’d pinch her hands.  She wanted nothing to do with the creature.  Husband thought it was fun to have them pinch his hands because it didn’t really hurt.  He tried to coax Sister into holding one by saying they didn’t hurt.  Just after he said that the crab he was holding gave him a good, hard pinch. So much for trying to convince Sister!  The rain came again, so we headed to the cars to make our way home.  It was a great way to end the fabulous time in Wales.