In April 2010 a friend asked me if I’d be interested in running a marathon with her.  It was something I’d always wanted to do.  There was only one problem… I HATED to run. It wasn’t just a dislike or a something that might be tolerated.  It was pure hatred, unless there was a point to it.  I’ll runif I’m playing a sport.  Run for Soccer? Check. Run for Volleyball? Check.  Run in Softball? Yep you guessed it, Check.  I could see the point in running durning games.  I still hated running in practice you know, Indian drills and such.  I tolerated them only for the end result.  Playing in the games.  

I wasn’t sure how I would manage.  I hadn’t ran for about 11 years.  YIKES.  I now had a goal though, so my running had a purpose. The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer  is a great resource for those just beginning running.  Other’s have used the Couch to 5k Running Plan. At first I ran on the treadmill. The idea of running more than a few miles on one of those though sent me quickly out side.  I didn’t end up running the marathon, but that’s another post.

I stated slow.  So slow that others said to me that they could walk a mile in the time it took me to jog one. I stumbled on this image 

It didn’t matter that my mile was 15 min.  I was out running, and it felt so good.   Whether you a fast or slow, it doesn’t matter.  Get out, enjoy the movement of your body.  And who knows, you may find a new hobby and love in life.  I know I did.