Whenever life gets really a tad overwhelming for me somethings needs to give.  Usually it’s whatever is low on the priority list.  Unfortunately or I guess fortunately this blog is the first thing to go.  With Christmas just passed and all that goes along with it, Husband went TDY for 2 weeks, and just life happening the blog just went by the wayside.

I’ve been thinking about my priorities and the commitments that I have.  My responsibilities at home, with the kids’ school and with Church take up a good chunk of time. I’ve realized that I do however have time to do the things I love when I put the Lord first.  My word for 2012 is PRIORITY.

One of the BEST talks I’ve heard about how to prioritize is from Julie B. Beck in the 2010 Women’s Conference at BYU.  Since reading and studying this talk I’ve learned just how much I can do when I make sure the Essentials and Necessary things are done.  When life tends to overwhelm me,  I can pinpoint it to my priorities out of order.  I’ll spend too much time reading, or crafting and not enough time making sure the things in my home are in order.  The essentials aren’t usually neglected– this has come through experiences that have taught me the importance of daily scripture study and intent praying.  When we ask, the Lord is there to help us- even to help us order our lives so that the most important things are accomplished.

What are some thing that have helped you prioritize your life?  How do you find the balance between the three categories, essential, necessary, and nice to do?  Have you struggled too?