I am the queen of starting projects and NOT finishing them.  I have things that I started about 3 years ago and still they sit, taunting me.  We are up for a move in August and I don’t want any unfinished business to go with me.  I’m going to list out the things that need doing and will check them off with completed pics.  Hurray for making a list and checking things OFF!

1. Aprons for sister and me

2. Finish binding sampler quilt

3. Quilts for 2 of my nieces

4. Quilt for Sister

5. T-shirt make-overs (stained shirts)

6. Birthday Cards for family

7. Christmas Tablerunner

8. Scripture Case for Me

9. Tights to Leggings


I thinks that’s it.  If I come across any more I’ll add those as well.


How many projects do you have lurking in the craft cupboard?