I bought myself some larger scriptures a few years ago because one of my lovelies ripped a couple of pages out of my Book of Mormon.  He was trying to “help,” but in doing so required mom to need new scriptures.  I’d been wanting a new larger set anyway, so great reason right?  The “helper” will be inheriting the old set, okay only partially- can’t have 5 pages out of 1 Nephi missing- so we’ll get him a new triple.

With a new set of scriptures, I needed a new tote.  I’m not keen on the ones that are readily available because I think they look like luggage (and are so NOT cute).  In the meantime my poor scriptures are being toted back and forth from church in my church bag- aka what do I have in here that will help my children be quiet reverent for 1 hour.

On my list of incomplete projects is my scripture tote.  I started one- a quilted one that only needed the handles sewn on it.  But decided I didn’t quite like it.  It’s cute, just not me.  On to plan B- use only fabric I already have (because fabric in England is WAY too expensive & I don’t like waiting a week or more for fabric to be shipped from The States). I didn’t have any interfacing either which makes it very flimsy.  If I ever get around to making another one- that will be a must have item.  And this is what I came up with.

I’m going to be helping a friend of mine make one, so be on the look-out for a tutorial.