In a few weeks time our family will head to Italy for 3 years.  Sometimes I can’t believe we get to live in Europe and other times I’m ready to go back to what is familiar- America.  Living in England the past 3+ years has been for me such a growing experience.  I’ve learned that I can put my trust in the Lord.  Although I’ve known that in the sense that the scriptures teach that (Proverbs 3:5-7), I’ve not had to test this in the truest sense.  Receiving answers to prayer that are the complete opposite of what I wanted and going forward having to trust because I couldn’t see how the Lord’s way was going to work has been the most important lesson I’ve learned here.  I know that I can trust the Lord’s will.  This was put to test again for me when we got our assignment to Italy.  I know, I know– How can you not be excited to live in Italy right?  Well I wasn’t.  I wanted to go back to the States and live in Colorado- half-way between Husband’s family and mine.  The perfect solution.  Or so I thought.  In March we found out we had the assignment to Italy and I finally became okay, and now excited to go in June.  Because of some previous experiences  I knew to trust the Lord, but I still felt let down, sad, and a bit confused.  My prayers would have been something like “Please let it not work for us to go to Italy” about 3 years ago. Instead they have been “Please help me to understand and be comfortable with this change. Help me to know what my mission and role will be in Italy.”  I want to do what the Lord asks, and realizing that changing my will to His will brings me lasting happiness and peace.

So now the adventure begins of packing, selling vehicles and then searching for our next home begins.  Things are a bit crazy right now. Thankfully the military hires packers to come in and take care of boxing up our belongings and shipping them off. 

My family (mom, dad, sister and brother) just left yesterday after being here for 2 weeks, and we are turning the house over in a week and a half. We found some graves of our ancestors and some churches that they would have gone to. It was a great visit and we traipsed all over England, into Scotland and they even made a quick trip to Ireland.