Today at church we had Stake Conference. It’s a bit different for me here in Italy than in England or the US. The main reason is because I (still) don’t speak or understand much Italian. I know enough for the important things-you know- ordering gelato and pizza. But listening and understanding two hours of church all in Italian is asking for more than I can do. Thankfully our wonderful Stake leaders organize translation for us. I felt such gratitude for the brothers and sister who provided this service to the American congregations in the Stake.

During the meeting the Mission President, President Dibb, spoke of course about sharing the Gospel through our online presence. He asked how many people have a blog, I sheepishly raised my hand. I have a blog technically, but obviously don’t post often. I have been feeling the drive, push, prompting, to blog again even before his talk. I love the Gospel. I know I have a mission on this earth, and I know I receive heavenly help to do what Heavenly Father asks me to do. Consistency has always been a weakness, which is seen in the absence of posts for the past two years! His talk gave me the courage to do what I’ve been needing to do. So here’s to consistency and having the courage to start again and again when failing.